Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer
Conduction, Convection, and Radiation Heat Transfer; Forced and Natural Convection; Laminar and Turbulent Flows; Thermal, Solutal, and Thermo-Solutal Buoyancy; Compressible Gas Dynamics; Free Surface Flows; Surface Tension Driven Flows; Porous Media Flows; Multi-Phase Flows; Phase Change: Melt-Solid, Gas-Solid, Melt-Gas; Phase Boundary Segregation; Mass Transfer; Magneto-Hydrodynamics; Solid state Diffusion and Reactions

Solid Mechanics
Elastic and Plastic Deformations; Thermal Stresses; High Temperature Creep; Residual Stresses; Fatigue, Buckling; Modal Analysis; Transient Dynamic Harmonic Responses; Response Spectrum; Random Vibrations; Failure Analysis

Chemical Reactions
Low Mach Number Compressible Gas Dynamics; Gaseous Transport and Reactions in Closed Systems; Gaseous Transport and Reactions in Open Systems; Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Reactions; Surface Reactions and Kinetics; Physical Vapor Transport (PVT);Chemical Vapor Transport

Electro-Statics; Electro-Dynamics; Magneto-Statics Magneto-Dynamics; Interaction of E/M Fields with Solids; Interaction of E/M Fields with Liquids: Stabilization and Stirring